Tracking and weight monitoring solution, electronic smart invoice and waybill solution

트럭 위치 중량 관제 및 전자인계 스마트송장 솔루션 트럭칼리버 Tracking and weight monitoring solution, electronic smart invoice and waybill solution TruckCaliber
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    Solution Introduction

    "TruckCaliber" is equipped with sensor and IoT device (Also known as On-board Truck Scale) on the transport vehicle, which allows the driver to check the vehicle weight(gross, axle, payload) immediately while loading without any weighing. The manager of the transportation agency can monitor the vehicle weight, real-time tracking, vehicle status, volume and number of transportation. "TruckCaliber" provides a more efficient transportation monitoring system by confirming proper treatment of environmental substances, checking unauthorized dumping, permitted zone departure.

  • Wide field of application


    ㆍElectronic transportation invoice(replaced paper invoice)
    ㆍUnauthorized dumping, departure from permitted zone and overload
    ㆍReal-time monitoring of transportation route, weight of managed vehicles, volume and number of transportation
    ㆍConfirmation of proper treatment of environmental substances
    ㆍTransportation control of hazardous material or industrial waste.
    ㆍReal-time transportation monitoring for vehicle dispatch

  • Case study #1

    The livestock manure electronic management system

    The livestock manure Service Management System is used for Korean Ministry of Environment, which transparently manages entire processing for the discharge, collection and transportation from the livestock farming, to recycling factory. “TruckCaliber” is installed with sensors, on board unit, IR camera, GPS, modem, etc. and transmitted the operation data to the server. The office manager can monitor proper treatment of environmental substances, checking illegal dumping and permitted zone departure.

  • Case study #2

    Prevention of illegal dumping and route monitoring

    In the case of waste or dangerous environmental material collection and transportation vehicles, there are cases in which illegally dumping on the route to the treatment station or driving on an arbitrary route without permission to operate in order to save money. If there is accidents in water supply protection areas or downtown, it may lead to catastrophic disasters. “TruckCaliber” is installed in such collection and transport vehicles to prevent illegal dumping and to provide proper monitoring of freight weight and driving route, so that it helps to check the proper handling at the loading and unloading places as a smart invoice or waybill.

Truck tracking and weight monitoring web platform

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Truck installation #04 On board unit cabin install

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