Truck weight&location monitoring

"TruckCaliber" is equipped with sensor and IoT device (Also known as On-board Truck Scale) on the transport vehicle, which allows the driver to check the vehicle weight(gross, axle, payload) immediately while loading without any weighing. The manager of the transportation agency can monitor the vehicle weight, real-time tracking, vehicle status, volume and number of transportation. "TruckCaliber" provides a more efficient transportation monitoring system by confirming proper treatment of environmental substances, checking unauthorized dumping, permitted zone departure.

  • Wide field of Feature


    ㆍHigh accuracy performance

    3 to 5% accuracy error rate

    Not only the gross weight of the vehicle but also real time confirmation

    weight / location / video information provided

    Acquired government procurement product certification

    ㆍWide Application

    Applicable to various sensors(MEMS tilt sensor, pressure sensor and load cell)

    Automotive standard communication area network (CAN) communication

    ㆍRugged Durability

    Achieve performance at the automotive industry level

    Certified test of KATEC (Korea Automotive Parts Research Institute, Test

    Easy mounting installation without disassembly, welding, drilling, etc.

    ㆍMonitoring and control solution

    Smartphone App connectable with Bluetooth

    3G / 4G network support to link with the central monitoring platform

    Weight of vehicle / GPS location, Status of operation, Location area, time and weight of loading/Unloading, Cycle counts

    Checking overloading, unauthorized dumping, permitted zone departure

  • Proven reference

    Case study

    ㆍSelf weighing of freight vehicles

    ㆍManaging weight of construction site

    ㆍChecking proper treatment of environmental substances

    ㆍDanger and Hazardous Substance Disaster Control and Transportation Control

    ㆍApplicable vehicle

    Axle: 2, 3, 4, 5 axle tractor

    Type: Dump, Cargo, Wingbody, Timber, Woodchip, Tank lorry, Roadside cleaning car etc

    Structure: Leaf spring suspension only

Sensors and algorithms




  • Advanced sensor technology

    MEMs tilt sensor

    ㆍHigh-precision and CAN communication

    High-precision angle measurement with ± 0.5% F.S accuracy

    Applied to automotive standard CAN communication

    ㆍWaterproof IP67 grade

    Small size of W38 × D60 × H20mm

    the highest waterproof dustproof grade IP67

    high strength polycarbonate (PC) material applied

    ㆍEasy installation

    Simple attachment and installation without welding or drilling

  • Novel idea

    Weight conversion algorithm

    ㆍSmart conversion

    Installation of MEMs tilt sensor on leaf spring suspension of commercial vehicle

    By measuring the angle change of the leaf spring according to the loading load, it can be converted into weight

    The weight can be measured even on inclined uneven terrain

    ㆍSpecialized algorithm by sensor and axle type

    Convert to congratulation using special algorithm according to applied sensor type and type of shaft(single, tandem)

Cable and On-board device

Waterproof Cable

Network Module

  • High reliability

    Vehicle industrial waterproof cable

    ㆍExcellent weather resistance

    mall multi-pole waterproof connector with special waterproof LOCK mechanism

    Special double locking structure, independent seal structure, BRIDGE structure, CLICK LOCK method

    ㆍCustomized cable combinations

    Customized cable combinations for each vehicle structure and sensor type

  • Easy Linking Solution

    On-board device

    ㆍConnection to smart phone

    Linking smartphone app, checking weight and setting via Bluetooth communication

    ㆍOptional service with external device

    Connectable external device using serial communication

    Communication with web platform which can provide gross weight, axle weight, payload, location data in realtime.

    ㆍCustom housing

    Custom housings based on ordering agency and requested solution

Smartphone app

Smart phone App

  • Feature #1

    Easy and fast user interface

    ㆍReal time weighing with smartphone when loading

    Link with smartphone app via Bluetooth communication

    It provide weighing information of gross, axle, payload in real-time.

    ㆍEfficient overload prevention and safe driving

    Driver adjusts shaft distribution to avoid eccentricity when loading

    The driver can departure after checking the weight in real-time without any additional weighing procedure.

  • Feature #2

    Flexible and stable operation

    ㆍEasy setting of truck structure

    Free setting of the number of axles of the vehicle and the suspension structure of each axles

    Variable setting management such as fit algorithm and conversion factor for each sensor

    ㆍTested by mobile phone models

    ompleted testing of 34 mobile phones (Android version 4.1.2 or higher required)

    Available after downloading from Google Play Store

Truck monitoring web platform

Monitoring web platform

  • Real-time monitoring

    Check location/weight of truck while driving

    ㆍReal-time location and weight monitoring web platform

    Real-time location/weight check at any time by accessing the web platform

    Provides real-time location, speed, gross/axle weight, payload, and loading information

    Historical driving route, loading/unloading cycle, payload graph by time

    ㆍAI-based status determination algorithm

    Automatic identification of trucking, moving, stopping and parking of truck operation status

    Automatic identification of overload, abandon and out of zone

    Automatic preparation of electronic shipment invoice by discriminating loading weight, place and time

  • Custom user interface

    High user convenience and customized order screen

    ㆍVehicle Status

    Operation status (transportation, movement, stop, parking, interruption) and caution operation (normal, overload, dumping, departure)

    ㆍHistorical view

    Vehicle’s transportation cycle, loading weight change graph, driving route on map

    ㆍCaution vehicles

    Display the number and the time of transportation of caution vehicles

    ㆍStatistical analysis

    Provides cumulative statistics of number of times, time and distance, and displays normal/abnormal transportation statistics graph

    ㆍManagement setting

    Project, vehicle management and user authority setting

Initial setting and Calibration


  • Simple installation

    Just 1 hour for installation by 2 experts

    ㆍSimple installation of the sensor

    Simple attachment on the leaf spring after scrapping and silicon insulation

    Installation without welding or drilling

    Customized cable combinations for each vehicle structure and sensor type

    ㆍInstallation work by 2 experts

    Professional installation team can work quickly within just 1 hour

    Adjusting the installation schedule according to the driving route so as not to interfere with the transportation business

  • Easy calibration

    Easy initial setting and Calibration

    ㆍEasy calibration work with smartphone App

    ㆍInput empty weight

    After measuring each axle weight using the reference weighing equipment (Truck scale or Potable wheel scale) in the empty state, input the empty weight value in the smartphone App

    ㆍInput full weight

    After measuring each axle weight using the reference weighing equipment (Truck scale or Potable wheel scale) in the full state, input the full weight value in the smartphone App

Case study

  • Case study #1

    On board overload prevention

    "TruckCaliber", which is installed in the vehicle of private and transport company', provides the driver to the information of gross, axle and payload weight in real time with a smartphone app. The driver can maximize the loading weight in the safety range and prevent overload in advance. In addition, driver do not have to drive far distance by truck scale to check the overload weight, thus ensuring more efficient and safer driving operation.

On board truck scale Smart phone App “RoadLoad silver”

TruckCaliber | 02:28

  • Case study #2

    Loading weight self-check

    In the case of a loading area that does not have a separate weighbridge, cargo vehicles equipped with TruckCaliber can self-check the exact amount of loading weight in real time without any weighing procedure. In addition, it provides managing axle weight by adjusting the loading point so that create a safe axle road during transport. And it contribute to prevent illegal arranging of overloads and resolve shipping charges dispute in advance.

Truck installation #02 Sensor installation for Single axle

TruckCaliber | 02:08

  • Case study #3

    The livestock manure electronic management system

    The livestock manure Service Management System is used for Korean Ministry of Environment, which transparently manages entire processing for the discharge, collection and transportation from the livestock farming, to recycling factory. "TruckCaliber" is installed with sensors, on board unit, IR camera, GPS, modem, etc. and transmitted the operation data to the server. The office manager can monitor proper treatment of environmental substances, checking illegal dumping and permitted zone departure.

Truck tracking and weight monitoring web platform

TruckCaliber | 01:39

  • Case study #4

    Prevention of illegal dumping and route monitoring

    In the case of waste or dangerous environmental material collection and transportation vehicles, there are cases in which illegally dumping on the route to the treatment station or driving on an arbitrary route without permission to operate in order to save money. If there is accidents in water supply protection areas or downtown, it may lead to catastrophic disasters. "Truck Caliber" is installed in such collection and transport vehicles to prevent illegal dumping and to provide proper monitoring of freight weight and driving route, so that it helps to check the proper handling at the loading and unloading places as a smart invoice or waybill.

Truck installation #04 On board unit cabin install

TruckCaliber | 02:06


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KC 적합등록필증

CE Certification

FCC Certification

R&TTE Certification

Complex temperature random vibration test

KATEC Test Report
Vibration Endurance Test

KATEC Test Report
GS Certification

Real-time logistics information monitoring system using smart weight sensor and unmanned non-stop axle

New excellent technology
Smart weight sensor system for waste transport vehicle control

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