On-board overload prevention solution for personal and corporate freight vehicles

화물차 자중계 과적 예방 솔루션 TruckCaliber 트럭칼리버 On-board truck scale overload prevention solution TruckCaliber
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    Solution Introduction

    In the case of trucks, it is most important to drive with safe weight and maximized loading weight. However, there are not many places where the driver can check the weight of his vehicle (truck scale), and it takes time and money to travel to the truck scale from loading zone. In addition, sometimes the driver is caught overload enforcement while on the move, so the driver want to check the weight immediately after loading. The "TruckCaliber" was born by this requirement. The "TruckCaliber" measures the change of the angle of the leaf spring due to the cargo loading by attaching the MEMS tilt sensor to the leaf spring, which is one of the main suspension devices of the freight vehicle, so driver can check the real-time weight(total, axle, payload) with his smart phone very easily.

  • Wide field of application


    ㆍOn-board weighing of the vehicle
    ㆍOverload prevention for gross and axle weight
    ㆍResolve shipping charges dispute
    ㆍEfficient transport due to maximized loading weight
    ㆍPrevent road damage and accident risk
    ㆍConfirming distribution of axle load and adjust loading position or pusher axle

  • Case study #1

    On board overload prevention

    "TruckCaliber, which is installed in the vehicle of private and transport company’, provides the driver to the information of gross, axle and payload weight in real time with a smartphone app. The driver can maximize the loading weight in the safety range and prevent overload in advance. In addition, driver do not have to drive far distance by truck scale to check the overload weight, thus ensuring more efficient and safer driving operation.

  • Case study #2

    Loading weight self-check

    In the case of a loading area that does not have a separate weighbridge, cargo vehicles equipped with "TruckCaliber" can self-check the exact amount of loading weight in real time without any weighing procedure. In addition, it provides managing axle weight by adjusting the loading point so that create a safe axle road during transport. And it contribute to prevent illegal arranging of overloads and resolve shipping charges dispute in advance.

On board truck scale Smart phone App “RoadLoad silver”

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Truck installation #02 Sensor installation for Single axle

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