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"UDNS" offers you a comprehensive range of weighing systems for transport, forwarding, logistics, industry, construction and public administration. The "JRP-WIM" system is a state-of-the art solution for a variety of high and low speed Weigh-In-Motion (HS/LS-WIM) applications as defined by international standards (e.g. COST323, ASTM E1318, OIML R134). It cover all current requirement for traffic detection and dynamic weighing system.

  • Wide field of Feature


    ㆍHigh Accuracy and moderate cost

    GVW ±5~7%, AOW ±10~15%

    COST323: A5-B7 class, OIML R134: F class

    ㆍUser customized solution

    Company registration, Vehicle management

    Automatic payload calculation

    Overload preselection and historical view

    Cycle number by vehicles, Weighing by materials

    ㆍVerified performance in actual driving characteristics

    Wide range of vehicle speed: 0~200km/h, Measurable in traffic jam or acceleration condition

    Lane departure driving detection and Estimated weight display for preselection

  • Proven reference

    Case study

    ㆍLaw enforcement of overload vehicles(preselection)

    ㆍSpecial bridges safety management by entering vehicles weighing

    ㆍSmart tolling ETCS for trucks

    ㆍTraffic information management and statistics

    ㆍConstruction progress monitoring

    ㆍWeighing by materials of concrete plants

    ㆍIn / Out Cargo weight measurement at plant

WIM Sensor Platform "CALIBER"


WIM Sensor Platform "CALIBER" is based on structural design for measurement the reaction forces caused by vehicle weight using special double ended shear beam load cells. This bending plate system WIM scale was completed by technical support program of Korea Expressway Corporation Research Institute (KECRI). Structures of JRP system had been special designed considering mechanisms of vehicle weight transfer in order to ensure the high accuracy in various conditions. Also, it were applied high performance coating on plate, and waterproofing on frame to improve the durability. JRP-WIM system is available to all road conditions of WIM applications.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, CALIBER WIM Sensor Platform

JRP-WIM | 01:48

  • Feature #1

    Reliable performance

    ㆍFully prefabricated system

    ㆍHigh accuracy, durability

    ㆍExcellent long term stability

    ㆍWide speed range (0~200km/h)

    ㆍRobust, Waterproofing package

    ㆍ3-splited bending plates

    ㆍLong term life cycle

  • Feature #2

    Easy Installation/maintenance

    ㆍAvailable to all pavements

    ㆍDetection of wheel types and positions

    ㆍPlatform leveling device, easy and economical maintenance

    ㆍSensor replaceable

    ㆍApplied proper torque assemble

    ㆍThermometer (RTD) embedded

Smart WIM Controller "WIMAC"


Smart WIM Controller "WIMAC" is a smart controller of JRP-WIM installed inside the outdoor enclosure and performs functions such as vehicle detection, weight measurement, vehicle classification. It can be linked with Automatic Vehicle Identification System (AVI), Road Allocation Display System (VMS), CCTV.

  • Feature #1

    Smart algorithm

    ㆍController for JRP-WIM installing inside of outdoor enclosure

    ㆍVehicle detection, Dynamic weight measuring function

    ㆍAutomatic vehicle classification

    ㆍAnalysis of vehicle information(wheel track, wheelbase, axle type)

    ㆍLane departure driving detection

    ㆍSignal processing algorithm for weight accuracy

    ㆍCompensation function for temperature and velocity

  • Feature #2

    Durable and stable operation

    ㆍOutstanding expandability(modularized)

    ㆍKC, CE certified

    ㆍCable and ground noise filtering function

    ㆍNoise filtering using vehicle natural frequency

    ㆍFast computing speed and high stability and durability

    ㆍLow power consumption, AVR(Automation Voltage Regulator) embedded

    ㆍAVI(Automatic Vehicle Identification) VMS(Variable Message Sign) System linkable

User software "JRP Manager"

[ Field status screen ]

[ Details screen ]

[ Management base screen ]

[ Query list screen ]

[ Statistics screen ]

[ Fleet management screen ]

"JRP Manager" is user software of JRP-WIM installed on the user's PC and it provides the real-time results and scene images from JRP-WIM anywhere on the Internet. It can effectively check the weight and payload of the passing vehicle through the management function. Administrator can add a user account to the software or authorize it according to the account. User can also register, modify, or delete affiliations, vehicles and cargo type. If the registered vehicle number was detected in the inspection data, the affiliations is automatically classified, and the cargo type can be classified automatically by reading the RFID inside the vehicle. On the statistics screen, user will be able to check the graphs very easily they want based on the registered management criteria according to time, type of vehicle, and gross weight and so on.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, JRP Manager software for plant solution

JRP-WIM | 03:12

  • Monitoring information

    24-hour detection

    ㆍSystem operation monitoring

    Vehicle detection info, Operation Error

    Connected device status, Communication status

    User authorization management, History log

    ㆍVehicle measurement information

    Real-time video, Individual detail views

    Overload vehicle data management

    SMS Alarm for pre-selection & operation

    ㆍStatistical analysis

    Traffic volume, Traffic patterns

    Overload vehicle data &driving pattern

    Statistical analysis, Result report

  • Measuring data

    Provide a wide range of data

    ㆍSite code, driving direction, Lane

    ㆍVehicle entry and exit date / time

    ㆍVehicle front/side/roof view image

    ㆍVehicle license plate no.

    ㆍWeight(gross, axle, group, wheel, Payload)

    ㆍVehicle company, Cargo type

    ㆍSpeed, acceleration

    ㆍWheel ground position

    ㆍVehicle classification result

    ㆍAxle No, Type of axle, Wheel type

    ㆍVehicle length, Overhang, Temperature

    ㆍOperation logs, Statistical Analysis Data

JRP-WIM Installation expert

WIM system is a sensitive system that requires special installation depending on the type of sensor in order to ensure the accuracy of the product. The installation method of JRP-WIM includes block-out and replacement pavement method. The professional installation team of civil engineering doctor install JRP-WIM who has fully experienced WIM design and apply the optimal installation method after checking the pavement and geometric condition.

  • Criteria for the site #1

    Site installation conditions

    ㆍInstallation area: W3.4xD7.6m

    ㆍFlatness < IRI 2.0

    ㆍSlope < 2%

    ㆍRadius of curvature > 1km

  • Criteria for the site #2

    Pavement conditions

    ㆍConcrete pavement depth> 250mm

    (Replacement packaging method is used in other cases)

    ㆍPower supply (AC 220V)

    ㆍInternet connection area (> 10Mbps)

Case study

  • Case study #1

    Overload vehicle preselection in road site

    The JRP-WIM system, which is installed in Yeosu National Industrial Complex, connects Yeosu and Gwangyang to Lee Soon-Shin Bridge. It is used as a vehicle weight information management system, an overload prevention and pre-selection system for heavy vehicles. Provides effective overload prevention system by sending suspicious vehicle information to enforcement police.

Pre-selection HS-WIM solution JRP-WIM field test

JRP-WIM | 02:13

  • Case study #2

    Traffic information management and statistics for heavy logistics area

    The JRP-WIM system installed in the Songdo 4 bridge connecting Incheon Songdo New Port and Namdong Industrial Complex is used for traffic statistics purposes to evaluate the performance impact of the bridge due to cumulative fatigue load due to frequent passage of large trucks. Provides management information for maintenance.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, JRP Manager software for road solution

JRP-WIM | 03:12

  • Case study #3

    Construction progress monitoring in construction site

    The JRP-WIM system installed in the YNCC of Yeosu National Industrial Complex was applied to the vehicle weight information management system. It is used to measure irregularity of the amount of construction waste (aggregate, soil, etc.) generated in the construction site. Provides real-time on-site monitoring and vehicle operation history management.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, JRP Manager software for plant solution

JRP-WIM | 03:12

  • Case study #4

    Weighing by materials of concrete plants

    The JRP-WIM system installed in the approach road of the Woorim Concrete Ind. Co., Ltd. is applied to the factory material weight information management system(the exact stock amount, source and history of the material-gravel, sand, slag, fly ash etc). It provides to monitor the exact loading weight by source at remote warehouse management office, and provide decision making materials to calculate the exact order quantity according to the shipment quantity.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, CALIBER WIM Sensor Platform

JRP-WIM | 01:48


Patent & Certifications


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System for controlling overloaded vehicle

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Method for controlling overloaded vehicle

Patent 10-1760456
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KC certification

CE certification

HS-WIM S/W for law enforcement

Program Registration
Real-time logistics information monitoring system using smart weight sensor and unmanned non-stop axle

New excellent technology
Smart Weigh-In-Motion System JRP-WIM v1.0

GS Certification
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