Unmanned free flow payload monitoring solution for plant and construction site

건설현장 및 플랜트의 무인 무정차 입출고 적재중량 모니터링 솔루션 JRP-WIM Unmanned free flow payload monitoring solution for plant and construction site JRP-WIM
  • Wide field of application


    ㆍConstruction progress monitoring in construction site
    ㆍWeighing by materials of concrete plants
    ㆍIn / Out Cargo weight measurement at plant
    ㆍQuantity measurement of shipment by the logistics company
    ㆍContainer shipment weighing at port
    ㆍIn / Out weighing of quarries at sandpits

  • Innovative solutions

    Solution Introduction

    "JRP-WIM" is an unmanned dynamic weighing system installed for the purpose of payload monitoring. And it can not only measure the loading and unloading weight of each cargo by entering the construction site or plant, but management the vehicle and register logistics company also. It provides efficient statistical function of construction progress monitoring and statistics for paying transportation freight per company, type of load.

  • Case study #1

    Construction freight volume monitoring

    The "JRP-WIM" system installed in the YNCC of Yeosu National Industrial Complex was applied to the vehicle weight information management system. It is used to measure irregularity of the amount of construction waste (aggregate, soil, etc.) generated in the construction site. Provides real-time on-site monitoring and vehicle operation history management.

  • Case study #2

    Payload weighing for plant materials

    The "JRP-WIM" system installed in the approach road of the Woorim Concrete Ind. Co., Ltd. is applied to the factory material weight information management system(the exact stock amount, source and history of the material-gravel, sand, slag, fly ash etc). It provides to monitor the exact loading weight by source at remote warehouse management office, and provide decision making materials to calculate the exact order quantity according to the shipment quantity.

"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, CALIBER WIM Sensor Platform

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"JRP-WIM" Weigh-in-motion in Korea, JRP Manager software for plant solution

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