Image Analysis using deep learning AI

AI based defect view of road and concrete structure

  • Innovative solution

    Solution Introduction

    The NDT technology was used to conduct by measuring the width of cracks of human visual inspection, and it could measure the area of cracking, whitening, exfoliation by using special software analysis. This innovative technology of AI-based image processing solution provides automatically analysis results of captured images and defects report as quantitative data on the type and amount of damage.

  • AI-based deep learning technology

    Improved detection result

    In the existing rule-based image analysis technique, in order to detect damages from damage to the exterior of concrete structures, processing of different procedures with different parameters was required according to the type of damage. And the results may vary greatly depending on the shooting quality or the influence of the surrounding shooting environment such as illuminance or focal length. Therefore, this technology improved the morphology technique for structural damage detection and applied the deep learning-based software platform to conduct supervised learning according to the type of damage.

  • Case study #1

    Concrete structure exterior defect viewer

    ㆍAI-based deep learning technology

    Automatic damage analysis of concrete structures (cracking, whitening, exfoliation, etc.) with AI-based image analysis NDT solution rather than visual inspection

    ㆍImage Processing Procedure

    Sample Image Acquisition → Pre-processing → Segmentation → Deep Learning → Feature Extraction → Classification → Processing

    ㆍAcquired official certificate, satisfies 92.5% of image analysis damage detection result

  • Case study #2

    Road pavement defect viewer

    Road Pavement Auto Damage Analysis Program
    Use of package damage analysis program file (automatic classification of collected images)
    Analysis engine and original video server are composed of Fiber connected SAN
    It save only metadata on the storage and transfer to image file clouding service
    Analyze within 10 seconds per every sheet
    Provide useful information management by defining OUTPUT calculation criteria such as cumulative damage calculation

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