Big data ICT solution

Financial institution IT and Big data based public web platform development

  • Easy and fast solution

    Solution Introduction

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise® Authorized Partner provides financial ICT solution, develops and builds big data web platform using public data and provides it as government service. We provide easy, fast and stable public service by building data linking solution among government agencies and applying big data and GIS technology.

  • Public data utilization

    Professional Big data application

    As a result of the government's establishment of a comprehensive information open system, the company establishes a linkage service of key infrastructure information, which is not only the basis of the whole country, and public data, but also closely related to people's lives. We are at the forefront of building big data web platforms for the public, from the development of source development DB to public data information management system and API-based services for vitalization.

  • Case study #1

    Financial institution IT

    ㆍFinance IT
    ㆍBanking Server, Storage, Network Supply
    ㆍSupply of big data system platform and equipment to financial sector
    ㆍSystem integration and operation
    ㆍSystem security and consulting
    ㆍBuild a cloud system environment

  • Case study #2

    OS permit system

    The OS permit system is public internet web service of operational managing for heavy commercial vehicles according to it's load and dimension. It provides automatically search route for availability based on the road(highway, general national road, local road, etc.) and the cross-section information DB upon application. It can help driver and road administrator to display the name, location, specifications and pictures of the roads, structures, and guides you through alternative routes that can be bypassed.

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