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We established our company in 2016 with the mission of Universal Design & Novel Solution to develop and disseminate universal technology solutions that are easy to use for the 4th Industrial Revolution era. We have been devoted to developing original products for freight vehicle control based on IoT technology and Big Data technology. As a result, we have been providing Smart on board truck scale, "Truck Caliber" and the Smart Weigh-In-Motion System "JRP- WIM " in the industrial field. We have developed an image recognition solution based on AI technology, and have been introducing an automatic detection system for pupil and damage in road and concrete structures. Recently, we are concentrating on the development of non-contact stress measurement solutions through the development of advanced nondestructive techniques. We will continue to strive to develop and disseminate new technologies that can be universally used in all industries by integrating the accumulated technology and knowledge with advanced technology.

- CEO Mr. Kim -


Leading ICT Specialist of 4th Industrial Revolution

UDNS Co., Ltd. aims to provide a total solution service of a the best and art technology that can solve the customer's request, and building the optimal computing environment to service it.


  • 2016.06.
    • 법인 설립
    • 주소 : 경기도 의왕시 이미로 40, C동 301호
  • 2016.09.
    • 주소 이전
    • 주소 : 경기도 용인시 수지구 신수로 767, A동 2216호
  • 2017.09.
    • 신제품 출시 ‘JRP-WIM’
    • 도로매설형 무인 무정차 고정식 축중기 시스템
  • 2017.12.
    • 벤처기업 등록
  • 2018.08.
    • 주소 이전 (경기도 용인시 수지구 신수로 767, A동 2216호)
    • 본사 : 경기도 의왕시 이미로 40, C동 601호
    • 연구소 : 경기도 용인시 수지구 신수로 767, A동 517호



Universal Design & Novel Solution

It symbolizes the universal solution technology that anyone can easily use in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, and it means the corporate spirit that strives for technology development and dissemination.

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